Mu Online - Season 8 Episode 1 Free Balanced PVP And PVM. Play Free Mu Online Balanced PVP Online Game, Duel Player, Kill other player, Kill Medusa and Selupan mobs, Imperial Guardian, Golden invasion, Siege.
administrator Ezra
Skype: ezra_mu YM: ezramod E-mail:
Status: online user
Experience: 5x
Version: Season 8
Type: PVP
Freaker40 is legendary!
Level: 600 | Master Level: 286 | Grand Master
Taran is on a killing spree!
Player Kill Count: 1 | Blade Knight
Zess is loyal!
Points: 6 | Blade Knight

xEna - 0 WIN
Capitan - 0 WIN
SkyWalker - 0 WIN
test - 0 WIN
greeka - 0 WIN

Salut muttizeni,
In weekend-ul urmator Experienta si Drop-ul va creste cu 10% puncte procentuale.
Hello Muttizen:
In next Weekend Experience and Drop will be increase with 10%.

Recrutam Admini!
Avem nevoie de oameni de de incredere, dedicati si dornici de un angajament pe termen lung.
Un Game Master trebuie sa lucreze cel putin 2 ore pe zi.
Pentru a fi GM ai nevoie de asemenea, de rabdare pentru a ramane profesionist in orice situatie.

Varsta minima : 18 ani.
Sa stii fluent limba engleza (Daca vorbesti alte limbi, va rugam sa nu uitati sa mentionati acest lucru in cererea dumneavoastra.)
Sa detii cunostinte vaste despre MU Online si, desigur, specificul serverului nostru.
Trebuie sa fie un membru activ al comunitatii noastre de cel putin 30 de zile. 
Nu trebuie sa va dezvaluiti identitatea dumneavoastra in joc, pentru intimitate si din motive de corectitudine.
Trimite-ti cererea pe forum in mesaj privat catre userul Ezra. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We are now recruiting new hard working GMs!
We need helpful, dedicated and willing people for a long term commitment.
As a Game Master you are expected to work at least 2 hours per day.
You also need a lot of patience to stay professional in any situation.
Please keep this commitment in mind when applying. Furthermore:
You should be 18 years or older.
Be fluent in English (If you speak any other languages, please don't forget to mention this in your application.)
Be knowledgeable about MU Online itself and of course the specifics and differences of Mu2Ro.
You must be an active member of our community for at least 30 days.
You should never reveal your in-game identity except in this application, for privacy and fair game reasons.
Send Request to Ezra user from forum in Private Message.

Salut muttizeni,
Vanati monstri in tinutul Lorencia si gasiti cutiile incuiate, Sealed Gold Box si Sealed Silver Box, descuiati-le si ve-ti primi inele si pandantive cu 1,2 sau 3 optiuni excelente.
Hunt monster in Lorencia Town, find Sealed Silver Box and Sealed Gold Box, open it and get Ring and Pendants with 1,2 or 3 Excelent Option.

Salut muttizeni,
Rezolvati Rebusul!!!
Ce trebuie sa faci:
1. Rezolvati jocul REBUS din imaginea de mai jos.
2. Creati pe forum in categoria Events in Forums un topic nou cu numele "REBUS Event_NumeCaracter" si postati cuvintele gasite.
Primul loc: 200 WCoin(Cash point)
Al Doilea loc: 100 WCoin(Cash point)
Al Treilea loc: 50 WCoin(Cash point)

Solve REBUS Game!!!
What need to do:
1. Solve REBUS images GAME.
2. Creat in forum to Events in Forums Categroy a New TOPIC with name "REBUS Event_CharacterName" and write word!

First Place: 200 Wcoin(Cash point)
Second Place: 100 Wcoin(Cash point)
3rd place: 50 Wcoin(Cash Point)

Salut muttizeni,
Rezolvati jocul Sudoku!!!
Ce trebuie sa faci:
1. Rezolvati jocul Sudoku din imaginea de mai jos.
2. Creati pe forum in categoria Events in Forums un topic nou cu numele "Sudoku Event_NumeCaracter" si postati imaginea SUDOKU rezolvata.
Primul loc: 500 WCoin(Cash point)
Al Doilea loc: 300 WCoin(Cash point)
Al Treilea loc: 200 WCoin(Cash point)

Solve Sudoku Game!!!
What need to do:
1. Solve Sudoku images GAME.
2. Creat in forum to Events in Forums Categroy a New TOPIC with name "Sudoku Event_CharacterName" and add IMAGE with SUDOKU GAMES SOLVE!

First Place: 500 Wcoin(Cash point)
Second Place: 300 Wcoin(Cash point)
3rd place: 200 Wcoin(Cash Point)

Salut muttizeni,
Pe data de 05.11.2014 orele 21:00 orasul Lorencia va fi invadat de monstri Spideri care vor incerca sa preia controlul orasului si al teritoriului EzraMU, pregatiti armurile, armele si abilitatile voastre pentru a proteja orasul de aceasta INVAZIE.
  • Random items
  • Drop Zen +13%
  • Drop: Ring si Pendant cu Level 0 - 4

On 11/05/2014 21:00 Lorencia city will be invaded by monsters spider will try to take control of the city and the territory EzraMU, ready armor, weapons and your abilities to protect the city from invasion.
  • Random items
  • Drop Zen +13%
  • Drop: Ring and Pendant with Level 0 - 4

This is an extension to regular Duel using the same location, duel arena, and players can watch this also and see the status of the duelist. The difference are this will be party vs party inside the duel room and you have the option to bet for number of jewel of bless.


1. To start the party duel the party leader should type a command like this:

/partyduel name x


name - is the name of the party leader you want to challenge

x - This is a number of jewel of bless to bet, valid number for x are : 1, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180


The party leaders should have enough Jewel of Bless you set in x.

The party members should be equal initially.

All party members should be in the same map.

Each member's class of the party should be unique.

Set the value x to zero if you dont like to bet.

2. If you set a bet, our server will take the x number of jewel of Bless from both party leaders when the challenge for party duel is accepted. The winning party leader will get it all at the end of the duel.

3. Score to win is 20, because our duel interface can hold only 10 points, each green dot will represent 2 points each.

4. Any party member who will get dc during the duel will be kicked and the duel will continue.

5. Watchers can only see the HP and SD status of party leaders.

6. Party members can only attack the party leaders.

7. Party leader can only attack the opposing party leader.

8. Party members can buff any of their party members.

9. When party leader warp out of duel arena they will loose even if they have a higher score.

10. When party leader got dc they will loose even if they have a higher score.

11. In case of timeout, it will happen if duelists are not attacking for a period of time, the party with higher score will win. If the current score is equal no one will win and the bet jewels will be returned to party leaders.

Serverul va porni la orele

Server START at

Descarcati Clientul Ezra Mu2Ro direct de pe Mega.CO.NZ accesand acest

Download Ezra Mu2Ro from Mega.CO.NZ from this

Da SHARE pe FACEBOOK la mesajul: "Intra in lumea MU2Ro ( ) pe 31 decembrie 2014." si vei primi bonus 50 WCoins.
Pentru a primi premiul posati pe forumul link cu contul de facebook si contul de joc unde a-ti dat SHARE .

SHARE on FACEBOOK message: "Enter the world MU2Ro ( ) on 31 December 2014." and you will receive 50 bonus WCoins.
To receive the award post to forum link with facebook account and game account where you SHARE the message.

Pentru a sarbatori marea deschidere MU2Ro, echipa EzraMu oferta 5 WCoins GRATUITE, prin sistemul de vot, pentru a face calatoria dumneavoastra de aventura cat mai usoara!
Aceasta optiune este doar pentru o perioada limitata de timp, acum aveti posibilitatea sa faceti primul pas in lumea MU2Ro trai un joc la un nivel cat mai inalt!

To celebrate GRAND OPENING MU2Ro, EzraMu team offer 5 FREE WCoins when vote us, for make your journey of adventure as easy as possible!
For a limited time only, now you can take your first step into MU2Ro live Games with a FREE W coins and high level character!

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